Alghero City

The Riviera of Corallo

The town of Alghero extends on the northwest coast of Sardinia. With the 80 km of coastline, is one of the most famous and beautiful in Sardinia.

Many archaeological and natural sites to visit around Alghero’s area ; 

first of all the historical Catalan-Aragonese old center dating from the twelfth century that still retains the 400 years of Spanish in its architecture and in the dialect. Alghero is in fact the only Sardinian city that speak the ancient Catalan dialect.

Here some points of historical and cultural of our city.

Torre Porta Terra -Torre San Giovanni - Torre di San Giacomo - Torre Sulis - Cathedral Santa Maria - Bell tower of the Cathedral - Church of San Francesco - Misericordia Church - Church of Santa Barbara - St. Anne Church - Church of Carmel - Civic Square - Jewish Quarter - Strong Maddalena - Civic Theatre - Town Hall - Municipal Historical Archives - Ramparts Marco Polo - Fortino Scalo Tarantiello