Wines and Gastronomy

The tradition of taste

Old land of gastronomic traditions, Alghero offers the opportunity to taste routes.

Of note, the visit to the Sella & Mosca. Inside the complex there is an interesting museum that tells the fascinating story company's and its traditions, in addition to visiting the fabulous wineries.

On booking you can also visit the Winery of Leda D'Ittiri that offer wine and olive oil tasting; the prestigious Winery of Santa Maria la Palma which has the first experiment of a sparkling wine stored by the sea, gained about 30 meters deep in Area Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia.
In addition to wine and oil, in the restaurants inside the old town you can taste typical Alghero dishes , first of all the lobster in Catalana Style.
Other local dishes, spaghetti with sea urchins, the capunara, the agliata of ray, dogfish or angler and then desserts. The menjar blanc, sweet milk and lemon, followed by the myriad of traditional Sardinian sweets.