Museums and Archaeology

Cultural itineraries

Particularly interesting to visit the archaeological sites in the area, about ten kilometers away from the hotel:

the Nuragic Village of Palmavera, (XV-VIII century BC.), which comprises a central body consisting of two towers and dall'antemurale around which to place the rest of the village.

The Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju (3500-1800 ed.) which consists of 38 tombs carved into a calcareous stone. Inside numerous references to theold funerary practice.

For the museums, all in the city, will be possible to visit:

The Coral Museum, which offers a fascinating travel through the history of the traditional harvesting and processing of the Red Coral (Corallium rubrum) of Alghero.

The Museo Casa Manno , which is developed in three floors. Eleven rooms furnished with paintings, sculptures, prints, old books, correspondence, manuscripts and some multimedia rooms regarding the historical period of Joseph Manno and the contemporary history of Europe and the Mediterranean.

The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, housed in the old Church of the Rosary, holds many artistic devotion of Alghero. Inside valuable wooden statues dating the fifteenth century and also some interesting paintings.